Navegantes, 10 min video, 2008, [vision of a café in the old medina of Tangier and its customers]

The cage, 10 min film, 2009 [A young man in Tangier tells about his drug addiction.]

the finger, 8 min film 2010 [when we travel, we always go out [take pictures of ourselves with monuments]in the[X] photos, to possess the monuments and the moment?. in this video I use my finger to touch that temporal reality]

my life is hole, 3mnt video 2012 [a photo ID, which disappears in real time with holes]

Spring burned, 8 min video 2012 [ I take up the many photos of the Arab Spring representing people burning pictures of dictators in order to revisit the idea of revolution.

look at the black, 8 min video 2010 [On a visit to a museum, where I visit blindfolded, I find myself in front of a black painting. The visitors avoid me to see the black painting]

prophecy, 10 min film 2009 [A man describes himself as a prophet. He relates his biography, never doubting his own credibility]

tv is an angel, 6 min film 2011 [ A man tries to watch TV, but it does not work well. The situation reflects our need to consume the images.]

the fly, 3 min video, 2010 [A fly flies. By putting the video on loop, I make what is fleeting eternal.]

red carpet, 3mnt video 2011 [At the Cannes film festival, it's not all red carpet.]

absence, 10mnt fim with simona schneider 2011 [love story of a couple who never find each other.]

un film de omar mahfoudi et simohamed fettaka

Le vote

Les deux réalisateurs ont parcouru les rues de la médina de Tanger et recueilli les impressions des habitants à l'occasion des élections municipales en 2009. Un film révélateur des nombreux dysfonctionnements de la politique régionale.

The two directors searched all over the Medina of Tangier, for people’s impressions at the municipal elections in 2009. A revealing film of the many dysfunctions of regional policy.

يجوب المخرجان شوارع مدينة طنجة لمعرفة انطباعات الناس خلال الانتخابات الجماعية لسنة 2009. فيلم يكشف عن العديد من أوجه قصور السياسة المحلية .

Omar Mahfoudi

Omar Mahfoudi (né au Maroc en 1981) vit et travaille à Tanger
Après avoir étudié les arts plastiques, il a vu ses peintures sélectionnées dans de nombreuses expositions à Tanger, Casablanca, Rabat et Marrakech (Fondation Lerchundi, Institut Cervantes, Villa des Arts, Galerie Dar d'art...).
Récemment, il a aussi été invité en Espagne (Conexionarte à Seville, et à Madrid).
Il a participé aux ateliers « Docmaroc » à la Cinémathèque de Tanger, et a commencé à filmer en 2007. Depuis, il a réalisé sept films.
'La Cage' a été projeté lors du Festival Cinema Jeunes Talents de la Cinémathèque de Tanger.

2010 : La cage, video
Prophétie, video
Le vote, video co-réalisée avec Simohamed Fettaka
Expositions individuelles : Galerie Dar D'art (Tanger), "SACRIFICIO", Galerie Formato Cómodo (Madrid)
2009 : Hamido, video
expositions individuelles & collectives régulières, depuis 2003, Villa des Arts (Casablanca), Dar D'art, Galerie de la Casbah
2008 : Navegantes, video
Expositions collectives : Galerie Dar D'art (Tanger), Galerie de la Kasbah (Tanger)
2007 : Atelier Docmaroc à la Cinémathèque de Tanger



I would like to represent the story of humankind from its emergence to a state of civilization through the visual, poetic language of drawing without falling into the confining stereotypes of a readymade religious discourse, scientific and darwinian explanations or mythological storytelling. Through fragments and a series of simultaneous, living drawings that represent an odyssey, I aim to make a journey of discovery and immediate experience for the viewer.
I do not believe in art as a single medium. In my early days I liked to draw. In my painting, I used quick movements and which represents almost blurred or streaking human forms in the process of becoming. I was always making triptychs in order to show changing states. Recently, I have begun to animate quick, bold ink drawings to capture simple movements between states of being such as the birth of a child and a portrait that melts away under rain. 
For me, animation has always been a major studio technique, which I did not identify with as an artist. The animation I saw most growing up was actually taken from the 1001 Nights stories and were a fantastic and thrilling alternate, imaginative reality. Then I discovered the cinema of the early 20th century and illusionism such as that of Georges Melies.
I use simple ink drawings, fragments of photographs and collage, as well as encyclopedic books or manuals as a medium for an emotional journey. I animate with stop motion techniques. This technique is labor intensive and I would appreciate the time and space to complete a series of fragments, to be projected on four walls of a room. I consider it important to also display the still images, in book form and in separately hung frames, so that each image can be comprehended separately, as stages in a story that comes together in fleeting, glowing spurts and jumps.